Interview: Audrey Villani

Ellen - How did you find out about EllenWolffPhotography/Long Island New York Headshots?

Audrey - Online search.

Ellen - Can you tell us why you came in for a headshot?

Audrey - i recently started my own hr consulting firm and wanted to update my headshot for my website, and speaking engagements. 

Ellen - How do you take your coffee?

Audrey - Half and Half only.

Ellen - What was the last book you read for fun?

Audrey - I may not have the same definition as fun as the average Joe. It was about emotional intelligence. I don’t remember the title. It was a good read. HR is my life!

Ellen - Tell us the best place to spend the day outdoors.

Audrey - The park with my kids.

Ellen - Red or white?

Audrey - Always Red .

Ellen - What is your favorite restaurant? Why?

Audrey - Maroni in Northport, Long Island. The tasting menu is amazing. I love trying new things and having such a delicious variety. 

Ellen - How did you get started on your current path?

Audrey - I always loved the managerial aspect about business and was always a rule follower. I stepped into HR and completely fell in love with my field. I find it extremely rewarding to find solutions for businesses and help employees. 

Ellen - Tell us something you want us to know about what you do, something most folks don't ask and you wish they would.

Audrey - I love coaching! Professional coaching always has an aspects of their personal attributes. Helping employees reach their goals is the definition of success for me. 

Ellen - What is your dream project?

Audrey - My dream project would be to help those who are less fortunate who do not have the resources to develop themselves, become self sufficient and to thrive. I love seeing others reach their goals that they never thought they could reach.

Ellen - Where can we find out more about you?

Audrey - LinkedIN - Audrey Villani