Interview: Laura Fox

Ellen - How did you find out about Ellen Wolff Photography / Long Island New York Headshots?
Laura - Internet.
Ellen - Can you tell us why you came in for a headshot?
Laura - I am in the process of setting up a social media presence for my therapy practice and thought it was important. 
Ellen - How do you take your coffee?
Laura - 2 Tablespoons of half and half.
Ellen - What was the last book you read for fun?
Laura - The Book Thief
Ellen - Tell us one thing you can't live without.
Laura - My dogs.
Ellen - It is said that genius is 1 percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration. What is that ratio like for you?
Laura - 50/50
Ellen - Red or white?
Laura - Rose
Ellen - What is your favorite restaurant? Why?
Laura - Milos, NYC....the tomato salad...I just love it.  
Ellen - How did you get started on your current path?
Laura - I have always loved connecting and helping people.....
Ellen - Tell us something you want us to know about what you do.
Laura - I never judge. EVER
Ellen - What is your dream project?
Laura - Expanding and continuing with my current practice.  I love what I do..whether its with children, teens or adults. I love helping people learn coping skills to be their best selves.  
Ellen - Where can we find out more about you?
Laura - Laura Fox/Facebook