Expert beauty level retouching is available to every client.

A headshot should be you, on your best day. Sometimes basic headshot retouching is required to achieve that polished look. Your headshot will always get a general complexion smoothing, teeth whitening and gentle under eye lightening if needed. Body sculpting is available at an extra charge.

Scroll down to see several examples of headshot retouching. Use the slider to see the headshot before it was retouched and after.

The headshot retouching example below shows the removal of a razor cut and fine blood vessels.,

Background Substitution and Insertion

I have created a library of backgrounds that are unique to me. They are available upon request. They include vignetted solid color, abstract greenery, Beaux-Arts architecture, abstract saturated color and modern office building. Custom background files can be created by request.

The story behind it: I decided to create unique backgrounds for substitution because I got a call from a headhunter. She was seeking a headshot photographer for a client in the high technology sector. She asked if I can do a “techy” headshot. What she meant was, can I do a headshot out in the street, in the middle of Winter and get cars in the background of the photo out of focus and blurry, maybe even streaking in the background. I could do that in the Summer months but this was the middle of Winter and in New York it is not feasible to bring clients outside. I had a light bulb moment and created a library of interesting backgrounds for those situations

Switching out the background carries an extra charge.