Interview: Samantha

Ellen -  Can you tell us why you came in for a headshot?

Samantha - I came in for a headshot because I needed a photograph that was professional, but not too serious.  I really wanted my personality to come through in the photo.  I believe the headshot was professional enough to be used on LinkedIn, but modern enough to be posted on social media. 

Ellen - How did you find out about Long Island New York Headshots/Ellen Wolff Photography?

Samantha - I found out aboutEllen Wolff Photography  when I googled where to get a headshot on Long Island.  The company was one of the first results that popped up. 

Ellen - Tell us something you want us to know about what you do, something most folks don't ask and you wish they would.

Samantha - I am very interested in advocating for human and animal rights, which I have done through debating and giving presentations.  I have awards from the New York State Senate and the New York State Assembly for my work, which strives to provide equality for all. 

Ellen - Do you have a favorite breakfast?

Samantha - I don't have a favorite breakfast food, but I'll eat anything if it comes with iced coffee. 

Ellen - If I gave you a check for ten million dollars what would you do with it?

Samantha - If I was given a check for ten million dollars I would save some of the money to help pay for my law school education. But, I would use the rest to start a charity.  The charity would give families money to send their children to school and eventually college.  The charity would provide clothing, supplies, and food so children can be healthy and prepared in the classroom.  The charity would also help families save up money for a college education.  

Ellen - Where can we find out more about you?

Samantha - I have a LinkedIn under the name, Samantha Spindler.