Interview: Dr. Meredith "Meri" Vandegraft

Ellen - Can you tell us why you came in for a headshot?

Meredith - I am starting a new job and need to get my face out there, so to speak.

Ellen - How did you find out about Long Island New York Headshots?

Meredith - Google. But let me say that I called/emailed several
other photographers around Long Island, and Ellen was the only one to
pick up the phone immediately! She squeezed me in the next day, and
was warm and friendly from the phone call to throughout the session and
thereafter. She made me feel so relaxed, and was just such a delight to
spend 90 minutes of your day with.

Ellen - Where can we find out more about you?

Meredith - Currently working on my website now with my partners. Otherwise, I have an
instagram account (mtv1020) where you can see what makes me happy:
my son, husband, food, friends, and travel. Sometimes the dog too!

Ellen - What's the best part about the next thing you're doing?

Meredith - I am FINALLY going to be doing what I have trained for over 10 years
for— I’ve joined a private practice as a plastic and reconstructive surgeon.
I’m both nervous and elated!

Ellen - Red or white?

Meredith - Red from September-May. Once it gets warm, white all the way.

Dr. M. Vandegraft