Interview: Dr. Allan Simon

Ellen -  Can you tell me why you came in for a headshot?
Dr. Simon - I needed to update my website and I wanted a professional headshot

Ellen - Where can we find out more about you? Do you have online resources or a website?
Dr. Simon - I am a veterinarian at The Animal Hospital of the Rockaways

Ellen - Tell us something you want us to know about what you do, something most folks don't ask and you wish they would.
Dr. Simon - I am the president of the Lawrence Men's Tennis Club, the co-chairman of the PAW Project in New York State, an organization that wants to ban the declawing of cats. I have done volunteer work with Habitat for Humanity, rebuilding houses in Breezy Point, NY

Ellen -  Do you have a favorite breakfast?
Dr. Simon - I do not eat breakfast

Ellen - What's the best part about the next thing you're doing?
Dr. Simon - As the new President of the Lawrence Men's Tennis Club, I will be working with a great group of guys at the best tennis club in the Five Towns

Ellen - Red or white?
Dr. Simon - White

Ellen - If I gave you a check for ten million dollars what would you do with it?
Dr. Simon -  I would donate it to several conservation and environmental causes